Whether your aviation goal is to fly for a major airline, regional corporation or for pleasure, your initial training will play a vital role in the fulfillment of your ambitions. Selecting the right flight school is an important decision for you to make. Our instructor requirements are very strict, resulting in some of the best flight instruction available and we give that extra personal attention that everyone wants. We also have some of the best rates available on aircraft rental. Our aircraft are IFR equipped and are maintained to the highest professional level possible. If you’re looking to receive professional training and personal attention, choose Skyward Aviation.

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Santa Monica Airport provides the perfect aviation setting for flight training for all licenses and ratings. Training in active controlled airspace like Los Angeles provides students with a true awareness of a complex environment and invaluable confidence when flying under ATC control. Santa Monica Airport is a Class D airport, which is underneath Los Angeles Class B airspace. There are also several Class C airports and uncontrolled airports nearby to give you the broadest experience possible. In addition you can receive training in mountain flying, desert flying, landings in 15 knot crosswinds, landing on Pacific island runways and on short airstrips of 2000 feet in length.

3147 Donald Douglas Loop South, Santa Monica, CA 90405
(310) 313-3450

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